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Solutions for investors and enterprises to gain value from AI powered algorithms combined with a global network of geopolitical experts.

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Advanced Geopolitical Risk Indicators

Mi7 Plus is deploying a hybrid geopolitical risk index based on Artificial Intelligence and a decentralized network of experts around the globe. Our goal is to enhance investment strategies in key industries. By leveraging the power of our product and digital discourse from news and social media, we are building a more efficient geopolitical risk indicator for long-term investors, customized on their specific needs.

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For investors & businesses

Providing added value for investors and businesses by developing a geopolitical risk index based on a disrupted digital discourse.

Start quickly with easy integration and customer onboarding
Reduce risk by analyzing geopolitical risk.
Save the effort and costs of implementing in-house geopolitical analysis.
Access our data easily on Mi7 Plus platform or directly in your own dashboard with API.
Build powerful solutions with cutting-edge AI tech
Test our product in free trial and pay only if you like it.

For analysts and enthusiasts

Champion a collaborative word-wide network of analysts, experts in different regions, industries and languages. Implement standards, build shared solutions, and innovate together.

Sources from around the world in multiple languages.
Use a hybrid between AI and a network of experts.
Avoid fake news with carefully selected sources provided by experts around the world.
You set your own rules: when you publish, what you publish and how you publish.
Provide your unique expertise and gain points to access similar data, of great quality, from different fields.
Make new friends interested in geopolitics as much as you are.